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Design Tips

When decorating a room, any item can be the spaces focal point. There are many factors that can determine an objects visual authority in a room. Size, color, how saturated are the colors, how much light is falling on the item, how much space surrounds the item. These all can individually and collectively determine how much impact each item in the room has on the viewer. In most cases, the more of any of the above applies to the object, the more visual authority, or "attention-getting-ness" it will have. This is to say that it will "draw the eye" more. The eye tends to see the brightest thing in a room first. As a survival tool, our minds are tuned to instinctively look for visual contrast. The bright spots are where we tend to look first. We also tend to look at dark objects next. Add to that, the larger the object is, the more it will draw the eye.

Visual importance can also be achieved through the use of negative space. Or to say, the empty space around the item. The more space around the item, the easier it is for the eye to spot. Items in a room full of clutter have less visual impact from a design standpoint.

When picking the size of photo on canvas you will order, it's a good idea to consider all of the above in the decision making process. Here are general rules of thumb to keep in mind:

Bulky heavy furniture will need a larger canvas print and possibly a heavier stretcher profile (1.5 to 2 inches) to look visually balanced. Smaller, lighter furniture may dictate a small to medium stretcher profile (1 to 1.5 inch) and possibly a smaller photo canvas.

Groupings are a very artistic and versatile way to show off your favorite photos on canvas. Gallery wrap groupings tend to look best on uncluttered walls - else you risk adding to the clutter.
Any number of gallery wraps can be grouped, with three and four being the favorites. Here are a few of the most popular layouts:

Stacking multiple images vertically in differing sizes can really elevate the artistic look of your grouping by adding one more layer of visual interest to an otherwise basic grouping. If you are stacking them vertical, keep the width the same on all prints just like you see here, or play with differing sizes in a creative way.

Small photo canvas prints stacked vertically are a great use of narrow wall spaces such as between windows and next to doors.
And three across of the same size gives each of these canvas wraps the same visual authority. Stacking like the image below will elevate the top image to highest authority, even though the prints are of the same size.

Four of the same size photo canvas', hung in a square creates wonderful visual interest and allows for more of your favorite images to be hung in the same space that would be occupied by a single larger photo canvas. This is also a great way to maximize the use of a series of digital files that may be too small to make a large high quality print. This is a great way to highlight family interests and hobbies, as well as portraits of the kids and grand kids.

Grouping of gallery wrap photos on canvas
Two across of the same size gives each image the same visual authority, and can be more interesting than a single image.

Three images in two different sizes of gallery wrap can create more visual interest than one larger print that occupies the same amount of space.

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